What are Magnet/CTA programs?

CCSD magnet programs offer learning opportunities related to various themes for interested students. Students from across the District may apply to a magnet program regardless of the region in which they reside, however, transportation will only be provided to students living within the designated transportation boundary for the magnet program. The purposes of magnet programs are to improve student achievement, promote diversity, and create an awareness of career opportunities relative to the fields of study in which students may be interested.


What grade levels are served?

Elementary: K-5

  • Jo Mackey Elementary will transitioned into a K-8 program during the 2020-2021 school year.

Middle School:  Grades 6-8

High School: Grades 9-10

  • Performing arts programs and some International Baccalaureate high schools will accept 11th grade applications.

Please double check to make sure what each school offers before you submit an application.


Will transportation be provided?

Yes, transportation is provided for students residing within transportation zones for the school. It is the responsibility of the parent to verify transportation eligibility. Transportation zones may be viewed at:


Are siblings kept together when they apply to the same school?

It is the intent of CCSD to avoid separating siblings when possible, but there is no guarantee that both siblings will be selected to the same school. The only exception is made for twins/triplets (multiples). If a set of twins/triplets (multiples) apply to the same school and one twin/triplet (multiple) is accepted, the other twin/triplet (multiple), if qualified, will automatically be offered a seat at the same school.


May a home school, private school, or charter school student apply to Magnet/CTA/Select Schools?

Yes. These students must submit an application to a Magnet or CTA school of their choice. If they qualify, are accepted, and choose to enroll, they must attend the Magnet or CTA school as full-time students and are not permitted to attend as a part-time student to take individual classes.


Will my child have the opportunity to participate in after-school and extracurricular activities (i.e., football, basketball) in the Magnet/CTA Schools?

Since many of the after-school activities are closely related to the regular instructional program, every effort will be made to provide Magnet or CTA school students with these opportunities.


  • At Basic, Clark, Canyon Springs, Del Sol, Desert Pines, Eldorado, Rancho, Spring Valley, SECTA  and Valley high schools, the students may participate in any sports or activities currently offered at that school.
  • All Clark County School District (CCSD) and Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association (NIAA) rules and regulations apply. Specific information applicable to students in Magnet/CTA is included in the NIAA Handbook, NAC 386.787. A-TECH, VTCTA, ECTA, NWCTA, SWCTA, WCTA, and Las Vegas Academy do not participate in the NIAA athletics but offer many extracurricular activities in which students can participate.
  • If a student attends A-TECH, VTCTA, ECTA, NWCTA, SWCTA, WCTA, or the Las Vegas Academy, it is the responsibility of the parent and student to check with the student’s zoned school in regard to eligibility for participation in sports and other activities (i.e. football, basketball).
  • Athletes attending A-TECH, VTCTA, ECTA, NWCTA, SWCTA, WCTA, or the Las Vegas Academy are responsible for their own transportation to the zoned school in order to participate in practices, matches, and games.


Will my child have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities (i.e., cheerleading, pep squads, etc.) at his/ her zoned school?

If a student attends A-TECH, VTCTA, ECTA, NWCTA, SWCTA, WCTA, or the Las Vegas Academy, the parent and student must check with the student’s zoned school in regard to eligibility for participation.


If my child attends a Magnet program in an elementary or middle school, may he/ she continue in these programs at the middle or high school level?

Yes, but placement is not guaranteed. All students must submit an application to up to three Magnet/CTA or programs by the annually specified application deadline. The District reserves 25% of the available seats in middle and high school programs for qualifying incoming students who attended a magnet school at the lower level. Those students who are not selected in this 25% will be placed in the general lottery.


Will my child receive all the educational services available to him/her in a regular school?

Magnet/CTA students will receive the educational services that the District provides to students in each of its schools.


Are there any costs associated with entrance into Magnet/CTA Schools?

No application, tuition, or entrance fees are charged for admission. Some schools or programs may require a program fee for enrolled students. Contact individual school sites for information regarding program fees.


If my child does not like the Magnet/CTA School program, can he/she transfer to his/her zoned school?

The magnet or CTA school shall be considered the home school of students who are selected and who are in attendance at the beginning of the school year. Students who are accepted and confirm attendance on the Letter of Intent are expected to attend the magnet or CTA school for at least one school year. If a student-athlete returns to his/her zoned school or makes any other subsequent changes in enrollment, he/she would be ineligible for the remainder of that school year and for 180 school days in any sport as per NIAA (Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association).