The Application Process

The process for acceptance into a Magnet/CTA program is outlined below.  All students wishing to attend a Magnet/CTA school must submit an application.

Get To Know Us!

Families are encouraged to research schools carefully and attend one or more community events in order to receive the best information about each program offering. There are many opportunities for families to research Magnet, CTA, and Select School programs.


Step 1

Explore and Research


Explore our events page to learn how to engage in activities that will help you make the best decision possible such as:

  • school-based open-houses
  • camps and workshops
  • shadow days
  • magnet fairs
  • parent workshops
  • community events


Step 2

Make a Decision


Choose up to three school or program choices that best match your interest.


  • Is the school a good match for your educational needs and goals?
  • Does the school offer transportation? If not, can you still get there?
  • Does the school offer clubs and activities that match your interests?
  • Do you feel like you can thrive and grow academically in the program?
  • Have you visited the school and taken advantage of activities they offer to help you learn more?


Step 3

Apply Online


Complete your application at


  • Apply by the specified deadline OR submit a late application.
  • Schedule an audition *only* if you applied to Las Vegas Academy or Del Sol Academy.
  • Please check your transportation eligibility at 
  • ALL high school LATE applicants need to submit a report card to the school of 1st choice.
  • Once you have selected your choices, stand by and wait for notification of the results of the lottery.
  • Lotteries are conducted when there are more applicants than available seats.
  • Late applications will be accepted, however they are not considered for the initial lottery.


Step 4


Once the applications have been processed, you will be notified of your status via email and mail.


Results could be any of the following:
  • Selected
  • Alternate Pool (the number of applicants exceeded the number of available seats)
  • Not Qualified (high school STEM programs only)
If you are selected, please accept your seat online by the specified deadline.


Step 5

  • If you were "selected" and accept your seat online, you will receive registration information from your selected school. You will need to comply with the registration instructions provided to you.

  • If you received "alternate pool" status, you will remain in the pool until if or when a seat becomes available. Offers can be made up until the second week of the following school year.
  • (High School STEM Programs Only) If you were "not qualified", please compare your first semester report card with the admissions criteria.