Elementary School Magnet Programs


Walter Bracken STEAM Academy

Walter Bracken STEAM Academy is an award-winning elementary school located in the Clark County School District. Selected 2013 National Blue Ribbon School, 2017 Top Elementary Magnet School in America, Nevada Governor Designated STEM School and consecutive Title 1 Distinguished School’s recipient; Bracken has been the leader in advancing the STEAM theme. Teachers provide students with a hands-on, enrichment-based curriculum. Exploration classes promote student engagement and choice within the STEAM theme. Other highlights include STEAM labs, student gardens, one-to-one iPads, and an on-campus student bank. All of which, make Bracken one of the best schools in the country. Visit http://brackensteamacademy.weebly.com/ for more information


Kit Carson International Academy

Kit Carson is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme school. Students will benefit from the globally rich curriculum that is challenging and yet fun for students. The emphasis at Kit Carson Academy is inquiry-based instruction, Creative Arts, and Technology. Students will learn science and social studies concepts integrated within Nevada Academic Content Standards, learn a second language, have access to a variety of reading materials, and use the latest technology to research topics in which they are interested. In addition, Kit Carson provides students an opportunity to explore the world through music, art, and dance. International Baccalaureate schools are globally renowned as schools of excellence, and many students who finish high school in IB schools excel in higher education. Visit https://www.kitcarsoncougars.org/ for more information.


Roger D. Gehring Academy of Science and Technology

Roger Gehring Academy of Science and Technology empowers its school community by inspiring life-long learners through an innovative, STEM focused, blended learning curriculum.  We engage students in an academically rigorous curriculum that integrates technology with inquiry, creative expression, and problem solving.  Students participate in interdisciplinary, hands-on projects which incorporate standards-based learning in the school created community gardens, tortoise habitat, and science and engineering labs.  Roger D. Gehring Academy of Science and Technology is a diversity-focused elementary magnet school that strengthens the entry to exit outcomes for families of all racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Visit https://gehringes.com/ for more information.


Gilbert Academy of Creative Arts

Students at Gilbert Academy of Creative Arts engage in an innovative and challenging instructional program designed to develop critical thinking skills while enhancing each child’s creativity. Gilbert’s distinctive school model integrates art, drama, movement, music, and broadcast communication into the Nevada Academic Content Standards so that learning becomes a multi-media and multi-modal experience. Gilbert serves as a prototype for arts-integration schools across the nation. Our teachers are trained in arts-integration strategies and methods by Kennedy Center teaching artists, and are able to provide classroom and school-wide experiences that bring the arts to the forefront of academic content areas. Visit https://www.gilbertacademy.org/ for more information.


Lomie G. Heard Technology Academy

Lomie G. Heard Elementary School gives students the opportunity to pursue educational projects that most interest them. The academy provides students with a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math, while also providing enhanced instruction in computer science and robotics. Every student at Heard receives a personalized learning experience that empowers them to find, follow and reach their highest aspirations both now and in the future. Visit https://www.lomieheardma.net/ for more information.


Mabel Hoggard Math and Science Magnet School

Mabel Hoggard Math and Science Magnet School was the first elementary magnet school in the state of Nevada. Hoggard’s mission is to challenge and empower all students by providing an enriched education with an emphasis on science, mathematics, and technology. Some of the highlights from the program include advanced math classes, additional science instruction beyond what is provided in the classroom, and a robust garden and animal lab. Hoggard is nationally certified by Magnet Schools of America and has received numerous awards including several garden awards. Visit https://www.mabelhoggard.net/ for more information.


Jo Mackey Academy of Leadership and Global Communication

Jo Mackey Academy is an elementary magnet school with a dual theme of Leadership and Global Communication. Skills essential to lead in a global society are fostered via the 3 C’s: Character, Citizenship, and Communication. Character development is cultivated using experiences that focus on the acquisition of desirable character attributes necessary for 21st century leaders. Citizenship is modeled through school-wide service-learning projects.  Communication skills acquired by means of technology innovation prepare students to network globally. High standards for academic excellence, acquisition of leadership skills, and technology prowess prepare students to navigate in a diverse world. Visit https://www.jomackeymagnet.org/ for more information.


Gordon McCaw STEAM Academy

McCaw STEAM Academy (MSA) is a five star elementary school located in downtown Henderson. MSA is a Governor’s designated STEM school, Title 1 Distinguished School, Magnet School of Excellence, and was awarded top New and Emerging Magnet School in the Nation for 2017-2018 school year. McCaw offers an educational option for students and families who would like to pursue their interests and aptitude in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. The MSA focus is on teaching students through problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork to ensure a successful future. Visit https://schools.ccsd.net/mccaw for more information.


Sandy Searles Miller Academy of International Studies

Sandy Searles Miller Academy is a globally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme with a STEAM focus. As an IB school, Miller provides Spanish instruction to all students. Students are involved in their learning through inquiry and discovery in an internationally relevant and rigorous program of study. Students are engaged in authentic real-world integrated experiences that guide student-centered learning. As students take action upon their learning experiences, they become active members of their school and community. The IB learner profile guides students to be balanced, knowledgeable, open-minded thinkers so they are equipped to take on the challenges of our ever-changing world. Visit http://www.sandymilleracademy.com  for more information.


Clarence Piggott Academy of International Studies

Piggott Academy of International Studies is an authorized IB World School.  Piggott promotes student learning through inquiry and discovery, with a focus on developing 21st century skills.  Students are challenged to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local and global issues. Highlights include challenging academics, Spanish language instruction, technology classes, engineering lab, extended school day, intramural sports and clubs, affordable before and after school care all within a welcoming school community that emphasizes character development. Piggott Academy is located just outside of Summerlin, in the Peccole Ranch Community. Visit https://www.clarencepiggott.org/ for more information.


Shelia R. Tarr Academy of International Studies

At Sheila Tarr Academy, students will be engaged in authentic real world integrated experiences that guide student-centered learning through the inquiry based process. As students take action upon their learning experiences, they become not only more active in their school, but also the community. Tarr Academy will offer each of its students the opportunity for instruction in Spanish along with other dynamic learning experiences that focus on Environmental Studies and Renewable Energy. Tarr has three school-wide gardens, school-sponsored activities; including sports, overnight field trips, and technology available to guide students become 21-st Century learners. Visit http://tarracademy.weebly.com/ for more information.