Career & Technical Academies


Advanced Technologies Academy

Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) was ranked in 2017 by U.S. World & News Report as the #1 high school in Nevada that challenges students with rigorous coursework in college preparatory and career and technical programs.  Program offerings include Architectural Design, Business Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic Design, IT Networking, and Legal Studies. Technology is infused throughout the curriculum to ensure graduates possess 21st century college and career skills. Visit for more information.


East Career and Technical Academy

East Career & Technical Academy is a MSA Certified Demonstration Magnet School and the 2018 Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award Winner! East Tech is committed to its vision of promoting academic achievement through small learning communities called Houses, and use of PBL (Project-Based Learning) across both core courses and its eight unique programs of study enables students to develop 21st century skills to meet the challenges of the global workplace. Visit for more information.


Northwest Career and Technical Academy

Northwest Career and Technical Academy prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges by developing advanced skills with curriculum aligned to current business and industry standards through unique hands-on experiences delivered in a professional setting utilizing community partnerships, innovative ideas, and contemporary technologies. Northwest graduates are distinguished from their peers by being better prepared for post-secondary opportunities, both college and career, due to the rigorous and relevant educational courses and programs provided at Northwest. Visit for more information.


Southeast Career and Technical Academy

Southeast Tech is a premier career technical academy offering dual credit college classes, career program certifications, and successful athletic programs. Southeast Tech was the first CTE school in Las Vegas and is committed to being the first in preparing students for the future. Visit for more information.


Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Ranked among the best schools in the State, SWCTA is a magnet high school that offers 10 distinct programs of study. Students may choose from one of the following: Automotive Technology, Engineering, Culinary/Hospitality, Fashion Design, Dental Assisting, Interior Design, Digital Game Design, Nursing, Web Design, or Respiratory Therapy. Students follow a four-year sequence of study. Rigorous coursework, project-based learning, job shadowing, and internships give students real-world experience. Honors, Jumpstart, and Advanced Placement classes are offered to maximize potential and ensure students are college and career ready. Visit for more information.


Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy

Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy is a Law Enforcement and Public Safety high school that offers students majors in Criminal Justice (Pre-Law), Emergency Medical Services (EMT/Pre-Med), Emergency Telecommunications (911 Dispatch), Forensic Science, and Law Enforcement. Students will receive an in-depth study and hands-on training in emergency first response, while learning to become productive and active citizens in their community. VTCTA has maintained a 100% graduation rate for the last six years, is ranked as one of the top 10 schools in Nevada, and the students have provided over 100,000 hours of community service to the Las Vegas community.  Visit for more information.


West Career and Technical Academy

West Career and Technical Academy (WCTA) strives to inspire students to compete successfully in the 21st century by providing a college preparatory education that utilizes project-based learning, real-world learning applications, and innovative technology. WCTA offers nine Programs of Study: Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Business Management, Cybersecurity, Engineering, Environmental Management, Digital Media, Nursing, and Sports Medicine. Students in all nine Programs have the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking, content literacy, collaboration, technological proficiency, and leadership skills through participation in project-based learning, capstone projects, job shadowing, internships, career and technical student organizations, and community service. WCTA prepares students for 21st century careers and their place in the global community. Visit for more information.